What factors increase adhesive adhesion?

What factors increase adhesive adhesion?

Adhesives are among the most commonly used materials in many industries and household applications. To better understand the function and adhesion of adhesives, we delve into examining the effective factors in this property and methods of improvement.

Factors Affecting Adhesive Properties

1. Polymers: Polymers are the main components of adhesive structures. The type and combination of these polymers directly affect the adhesive properties. Polymers can form molecular networks and increase effective contact surface.
2. Van der Waals Forces: These forces play an important role in adhesive properties. Adhesives usually contain materials with Van der Waals attraction to establish better bonds with surfaces.
3. Chemical Bonds: In addition to Van der Waals forces, chemical bonds also play a role in adhesion. These bonds can be established between functional groups present in the adhesive and the surface.
4. Surface Tension: Surface tension refers to the tendency of molecules to adhere to each other or to another surface. To improve adhesion, surface tension between the adhesive and surface should be coordinated.

Adhesive Forces

The two main forces effective in adhesion are:
- Van der Waals Forces: These forces are created due to attraction between molecules and usually play a role in forming weaker bonds.
- Chemical Bonds: These bonds are stronger than Van der Waals forces and can lead to the formation of stronger bonds.

Surface Preparation
To create strong adhesion, surfaces must be well-prepared. This preparation includes cleaning surfaces from impurities and using various methods to increase surface tension.
- Surface Cleaning: The use of acidic solutions such as chromic acid can remove impurities and prepare the surface for adhesion.
- Mechanical Abrasion: Removing oxide layers and impurities through abrasion can help increase adhesion.
- Use of Special Chemicals: For specific surfaces such as Teflon, the use of sodium can be effective. For polyethylene and polypropylene, the use of sulfuric chromic or flame treatment can increase surface tension.

Choosing the Right Adhesive

Choosing the right adhesive depends on the type of surface and application conditions. Attention should be paid to the type of polymers present in the adhesive, Van der Waals and chemical forces it creates, and the required surface tension. Additionally, different adhesive brands may have different qualities and performance.

By considering these points and properly preparing the surfaces, you can benefit from strong and durable adhesion of adhesives in various applications.

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