about us

Baspar Gostar Ariya Eng. Co. was established in 2008 with the purpose of producing polymeric compounds used in automotive industries emphasizing on technology localization. The prospect of company is based on these two principles: producing products that compete with world's leading companies technologically and balanced development in all three elements of technology (hardware, brainware & software). According to this prospect and due to the absence of a global scale supplier of similar product, we will become one of top 3 producers of the region in production amount, providing polymer-based adhesives and polymeric combinations with high technology in year 2020. Baspar Gostar Ariya started production and development of ethyl vinyl acetate-based hot-melt adhesives used in woodworking in 2012 with the brand name "Luminak". At the present time, Baspar Gostar Ariya supplies these adhesives suitable for different purposes such as packaging, bookbinding, filter making, carpets and sanitary industries, as well as other poly-propylene based compounds.

Our production capacity is currently 10,000 tons yearly. The company’s factory is located at 45th km of Khavaran Road, Paytakht industrial zone and the headquarters of the company is located at Nelson Mandela Blvd, Golfam St.

To succeed "Quality Through Innovation…"as our objective, Baspar Gostar Ariya has done considerable investments by hiring expert human resources, knowledge management, researching, development and establishing quality management system (ISO9001:2008). During its activity our company has also achieved standards of SAPCO (supplying of automotive parts company) for their requirements and also titled as knowledge based company by presidential deputy for science and technology.