Solving hotmelt glue problems

Solving hotmelt glue problems

Insufficient adhesion or cold bonding in hot melt adhesives can occur due to various factors. Below are the different causes of this issue along with corresponding solutions:

  1. Low Temperature of Hot Melt in Use:

    • Solution: Increase the temperature of the hot melt to reach the suitable bonding temperature.

  2. Excessive Open Time:

    • Solution: Reduce the open time to bring the adhesive closer to the substrate.

  3. Slow Conveyor Belt Speed:

    • Solution: Increase the conveyor belt speed for a quicker bonding of the adhesive to the product.

  4. Insufficient Applied Adhesive Amount:

    • Solution: Increase the applied amount of adhesive to achieve a better bond.

  5. Materials to be Bonded and Low Ambient Temperature:

    • Solution: Raise the ambient temperature or the temperature of the materials to enhance adhesion.

  6. Inadequate Pressure:

    • Solution: Adjust the pressure to the appropriate level for improved bonding.

Keep in mind that these factors may interact, so a combination of adjustments might be necessary. After implementing each change, fine-tune the settings through trial and error to achieve optimal adhesive performance.

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