Edge bander

Edge bander

If we want to explain what an edge bander is, we should say it is a tool used to attach polymer and adhesive tapes around the edges of a workpiece to enhance its beauty and make it water-resistant.

In the past, self-adhesive tapes had many enthusiasts, but satisfactory results were not achieved, and the speed of work was low considering the time and energy consumed. Edge banding machines were introduced to address these issues and provided better performance, delivering acceptable results to PVC and MDF industries. So, what is an edge bander? In fact, it is the tool used for attaching edge tapes.

Applications and types of edge banders:

After learning what an edge bander is, we need to understand its applications. Edge banders, which come in various types, are used to attach tapes to the edges of workpieces and perform this task effectively.

In the PVC and MDF industries, especially in kitchen cabinet manufacturing, after cutting pieces, the edges are rough and uncovered. If left as is, they won't look good, and in MDF pieces, they won't resist water penetration. In such cases, a thin strip of tape with the design matching the main work surface is glued to the edges using an edge banding machine. For this purpose, the workpiece is fed into the machine, and its edges receive adhesive. Then, rollers attach the tape to the workpiece edges, and with heat, they bond.

In the final stage, to smooth and enhance the beauty of the edges, they are trimmed and polished. Different types of these machines are available in automatic and non-automatic varieties.

Edge bander stations:

To familiarize ourselves with edge banders, we need to know their different stations, which are as follows:

- Winning edge tape station
- Pre-heater station
- Pre-press station
- Spray station
- Glue station
- Pressure roller station
- Trimming saw station
- Upper and lower milling station
- Corner rounding station
- Tape scraping station
- Surface milling and gluing station
- Polishing station

Knowing the best edge banding machine:

Considering our needs from the edge banding machine, the best one will be determined. Firstly, we must understand what an edge bander is and what expectations we have from it. Then, we purchase a machine that meets our requirements, ensuring it has the necessary stations for our work. The outcome of our work improves with an increase in the number of stations. The main difference between industrial and semi-industrial edge banding machines lies in the number of stations and the machine's speed.

When buying an edge bander, pay attention to factors such as speed, the number of stations, machine dimensions, whether it operates on single-phase or three-phase power, valid warranty, and after-sales service. Purchase from reputable brands with representatives in Iran to avoid difficulties in obtaining machine supplies and spare parts, ensuring smooth operation.

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